Our first Team member

I got an idea of making a team for the hats. The idea comes from my background in the snowboarding world where all brands have teams. The team will consist of people who inspire and spread positivity in and I’m proud to introduce our first Hat Team member Courtney. She is a super positive and an inspiring beautiful woman.

Here are Courtney’s own words about herself:

My name is Courtney and I am a Mother, Firefighter, and Master Personal Training in Chicago IL, USA. I grew up in sports which is what gave me a strong sense of dedication that I apply in my adult life. After high school, I attended a specialized art school and earned my Bachelors in Fashion Design and though I love art, I was missing the physical activities I had grown up with. After working a few years in the costume department for major TV networks, I decided to redirect my life and focus on being healthy again. In the process of teaching my body how to be active again, I began inspiring others to focus on their health and set goals. Now as a mother of 3 small children, I’m thrilled to say I am giving other moms the same hope. Life doesn’t end after kids, we just adjust and find ways to achieve our goals.

Courtney’s instagram: @court_vital_fit

Courtney’s website: www.vital-fitness.org