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About Qualityhats.fi

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Qualityhats.fi is a channel to sell hats and accessories for a man that once had a dream of his own hats. And with time it is finally a reality with a hat lineup that will develop into hats and accessories.

Here is the story behind the hats of Qualityhats.fi

In the past I built my own snowboard brand, Alien Snowboards. And now many years later after writing my blog for a couple of years I decided to start making my own merchandise.

There is not just one reason to making my hats and merchandis, there are a lot of different reasons. Ever since I was little I have liked designing and creating things, even made my own snowboard at around 12 years old from my old skateboard as I didn’t have money to buy a real snowboards yet at that time.

For me it’s not only about the money. Of course you need money to survive, buy food and have a place to call home. But for me it’s so much more than that, it’s about being able to design and create things I like. For example I never really researched what the trends are. For example, with my hats, I never researched what kind of hats that are selling the most in the world now, I never checked what colors are trending now. I designed the hats from my own emotions and things I believe in. If I sell some, of course I will be happy. But what makes me happy is just designing and creating the hats, even if I didn’t sell any. For me the hats stand for so much more.

And even if the name is Screw Them All, the story behind the name is positive. The ideology behind it that everyone should do pursue their own dreams and do what makes them happy and Screw Them All who criticize and say that it’s not possible. With Screw Them All I want to inspire and give hope to people to believe in themselves and that dreams can become true.

To me hats or baseball hats to be more specific have been a thing ever since I was little. The style of the hat I wear has changed through out the years, but one thing has stayed the same, I wear hats.

For me it just feels right to start out with a product that have been part of my life as far as I can remember and with the help of some pics I can remember this since I was a little kid. At that time I didn’t know that one day I will have a blog to inspire people and make a product which will help me build my blog into something more and that the first product would be a hat.

The hats I had when I was little were promo hats from finnish companies, will try to find a pic with me from when I was little, but the first real baseball hat that I had like forever and grew to be a part of me was a Toronto Blue Jays hat that I got at a childrens summer camp when I was eleven years old. I got the hat from a dude at the camp who was from London, Canada. If I can remember correctly I gave him a t-shirt and I got his hat. I had the hat from that summer all the way to the summer when I turned 17 when it was stolen from me in the streets of Helsinki and then I didn’t have a hat anymore, and for me that was a big thing.

Now many years later it just feels so good that the first product I make with Screw Them All is a baseball hat, and the logo that I use is the logo I drew for Alien Snowboards (a snowboard brand I once built) which was the beginning of a dream that now continues through Screw Them all. In the future I will make more colors but why I wanted to have the color for the first hats blue because it reminds me of my trip to Indonesia and the ocean where I learned to surf and connect with the ocean and made dreams come true.

Even if it’s a product, it’s more then just a hat, it’s an inspiration to people and shows that it is possible to do great things when you believe in yourself.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]